I’m on my way to the grocery store to get some healthy stuff, and that’s why I’m in the car. And I had a thought. It triggered a thought about nutrition and food and cancer because I get a lot of questions about what you can and can’t, should and shouldn’t eat if you’re battling cancer. And some of the wildest ideas come from people’s doctors. And, unfortunately, that’s because a lot of doctors just don’t have the adequate nutrition training to be able to advise you on what to eat to heal from cancer. I get this information from the multitude of doctors that are friends of mine that I’ve met with who said they get about no more than eight hours, on average, nutrition training in their whole residency educational program, and that isn’t about using food to heal. It’s more about using food as how it interacts with medications and things like that, so they’re not really taught about using juicing to empower the immune system, what fruits help do that, what foods can really get your body in the healing and fighting mode.

So if you have information that sounds a little bit strange, especially from your doctor, about nutrition that just doesn’t sound right, like eat eggs and steak after a cancer surgery, which I’ve heard, or eat whatever you want, have ice cream and cookies, it doesn’t matter or don’t eat fruit, and it just doesn’t sound quite right, it’s probably because it’s not.

And so when I was going through my research of trying to figure out how to heal my body naturally from cancer, I started with the food. And I researched those items and I figured out how the immune system works and what foods empower the immune system, which is why I started juicing wheatgrass every day and carrot juice and ginger to bring down inflammation and other things. And so when you understand how the immune system works and how food either hinders or helps the immune system, then you can make educated decisions about what foods would be best, whether you’re doing chemo, whether you’re doing natural, whether you’re having surgery. There’s so many different pieces to this, and it’s the nuance to each of these topics that people often get wrong. Should you eat fruit if you have cancer? Absolutely. Should you eat cupcakes and processed sugar? No. That sugar is going to metabolize in your body differently from fruit than it is from a processed cupcake.

So when you understand how those things work, then you can make those educated decisions, and that’s why I switched careers and started doing what I do and counseling and coaching people because I wanted them to have this information at their fingertips and not have to be searching in the dark for answers. And so I created this course, An Alternative Way to Treating Cancer so that you will have easy access to those questions about what you should eat, should you juice, if you’re juicing, what you should juice, the foods that are going to help you beat this thing on your terms. And that’s what I needed when I was fighting it and developed it for myself. And now I’ve put it together in an incredible course to help you do the same thing. I won. I beat it, and you can too.

So join me in this course, and let’s get our body in that Cancer-fighting mode.

Learn My Alternative Way To Survive Cancer