I love Meditation because it is one of the most powerful and underused tools out there.

Once I realized how powerful it was, I started doing it all the time. Now I try to do that every day. What I found, what was so great about it is that for someone like me who has an overactive mind, and is busy 24/7, and always has something going every single minute of the day, literally, taking time out for meditation gave me that reprieve, that break from everything else. When I do it at the beginning of the day, it helps calm the entire day. It helps me to relax, it helps me to focus, and it helps me to know that everything’s going to be okay. That everything is not about what I’m doing, what I’m doing, what I’m doing, but how I’m feeling.

When I get connected to myself through meditation, and the power of my intention, and the power of my gut instincts, and the power of just being calm, I’m able to handle the day so much better and with a positive outlook, as opposed to, “I’ve got to get this done. If I don’t do this, nothing gets done, nothing gets done.” When you meditate, you really slow your brain down and that’s when you get inspirational thoughts. That’s when you know everything’s going to be okay. I used meditation so many times during different phases of my life, but especially when I was recovering from thyroid cancer. That was one of the main tools that I used to get rid of fear. When I was very fearful, I would meditate and visualize positive things and the fear would go away. That really was the turning point for me, seeing how I could use something so simple to get rid of something that is so big and that’s fear.

Taking 15-20 minutes a day to get centered with yourself and just to be quiet and to listen to that little voice that is your guidance is amazing.

I recommend mediation for absolutely everyone because you can’t go wrong with it.

The more you do it, the easier it gets. The more you do it, the more you want to do it. It’s just tapping into our inner power, our inner strength. It’s one of those tools that we can do at any time of the day.

We just need 15, 20 minutes to sit still and be quiet and let the inspiration flow right to you.

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