Deep breathing. Deep breathing is one of the most powerful things that you can do.

Whenever people are anxious or afraid, or something like that, people always say, “Stop and breathe.” And that is true because when you take that moment to take in that deep breath and breathe out, many things happen mentally and physically. Many of us aren’t taking deep breaths and getting all the stale air out and fresh air in, for starters. But the breathing helps you get more centered; it enables you to calm down; it gives you that feeling of, “It’s going to be okay.”

So deep breathing and managing your breath is the first step to getting in touch with your consciousness. It’s the first step in getting in touch with your body. It’s the way that we use to calm down. It’s what we do to calm down. And that’s because when you calm down, you get in touch with your inner being, you get in touch with yourself, and you’re able to get centered. Many things happen when we take those deep breaths, from our brainwaves slowing down to our blood pressure dropping, to all of those things. It works together.

So deep breathing was one of the things that just helped me get through this entire recovery process, because when I would feel anxious or scared, or something like that, I would stand up, arms above my head, breathe in and breathe out just like a yoga pose, and I would always become calm. And then those answers would come to you, or a calmness would come over me. And so learning to do that, something so simple, is one of the powerful pieces of the healing process and connected to yourself.

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