One of the things that I’ve learned in this journey thus far, especially dealing with cancer, is that you speak your reality.

What you speak, what you claim, becomes the reality you created with your thoughts and the actions that follow those thoughts. Everything starts as a thought. Nothing that you do or have or have done started by just osmosis. It began with you thinking about it, and then you verbalizing it, and then actions happened after that. Once I realized how much things are not happenstance, they are intentional things that we either realize or don’t realize, create with our words and then follow. I started learning that I would not claim anything in my life that I didn’t want.

So I’ve heard many people that I work with, they’ll say, “My cancer, my arthritis is acting up again,” and my, this and my that, and I was like, “You’ll never get rid of it if you’re claiming it because you’re speaking that reality.” So that is one reason I stopped saying I had cancer because I knew that I was healing. I knew that it was leaving my body. I saw it in my mind so many times that it was gone that it felt so inconsistent to say I have cancer after I just did a healing session with myself of visualizing it away and eating all this healthy food and eating and doing everything I could to empower my body.

For me to say I had, it was a complete contradiction to what I was doing, so I stopped saying it. If I were asked about it, I would say I was diagnosed with it, but I’m healing, or I’m healed, or I’m in the process of healing, but I never claimed it again and said, my cancer, my this. It’s not mine. I’m giving that back. I’m giving it away.

One of the things I teach my clients regularly is to stop claiming something you don’t want. Stop claiming your terrible children or the people who don’t cooperate with you because you’re speaking more of that. That energy that you’re speaking becomes that reality. And so now if I talk about things, I always say of it positively. It’s not something that I’m living in a fairy tale. No, I am speaking the reality that I want, and it has no choice but to happen.

So if you’re tired of having things like arthritis and cancer and hypertension, or just feeling depressed, because so many people cling to their depression like it’s something to cherish, you have to release it. “I’ve dealt with depression in the past, but I’m coping with it and moving on from it. I’m coming out of it.” But no longer hold on to it like it’s your precious child because we need to let it go. Let it go, let it go and replace it with something that feels good. What feels good? What would feel better than not having cancer? Healing from it- you speak that, you’re going to get it. What would feel better than saying, “I have depression? I’m a chronic person who’s depressed chronically.”

Let’s think of another way that we can phrase that, and then we do the work. What happens is what you say then triggers the thoughts and behaviors that change that to the reality you want. So that’s the little nuance that we have to understand. It’s not just positive thinking. It is triggering your mindset and everything else that goes along with it, that will give you the inspiration and the actions to make a new reality happen.

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