So I’m sitting on the beach in Mexico, by myself, and that’s when the epiphany came, finally.

So the story is I had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer about six months before. And I had been studying, studying, studying on how to heal myself. I wanted to do it naturally. I wanted to give my body that opportunity to heal itself. So every day I was online, I was visiting with doctors and any kind of health professional that I thought could help me from chiropractors to radiologists, to MDs, to naturopaths. I met with everyone, okay?

I wanted to find the answer. I was determined to find the answer.

So I was researching every single day online. I was reading books. I was talking to people. I was reaching out for anything that I thought would work.

And I had so many things that I was taking, I had to keep a calendar each day, just to keep track of what to take when, because there were so many. I was feeling overwhelmed, but I was so determined and it was at that point, I was like,

“I think I have so much information. I need to take a break. It’s just information overload at this point.” So I decided to take a vacation for three weeks.

Now, I had never been on vacation for three whole weeks, ever in life, but this is the time I decided to do it. And I had this great friend who had a condo in Mexico, in this sleepy little town that was gorgeous, but nobody was there because it was the offseason. Perfect. So I said, “I’ll invite a friend each week to come with me because I don’t want to go by myself to Mexico.” So the first week my sister came with me and we had an awesome time, just on the beach and just exploring the little town and just having good food and relaxing and it was great. The second week a friend of mine came and I thought to myself,

“I think I want to do the third week just by myself.” I just had that feeling, that would be better.

So the funny thing is we had rented a stick shift car because my sister drives a stick shift, my friends drive a stick shift, but I don’t. So I was like, “You got to teach me how to drive with stick shifts before you leave this little town because I’ll be stuck and I need to drive it back to the airport. So I’m learning and stripping gears and finally, I get the hang of it. I always knew how to drive a stick shift, I just never actually did it. So now I’m searching around town in this little car, getting around by myself and everybody’s treating me like royalty, because no one is there, because it’s the offseason, so they’re just happy to see anybody.

So I’m at this beach by myself. The beach is gorgeous, white sand, super blue ocean, no one’s there so it’s quiet.

All you hear is the water and a few birds and I have basically a butler to myself. This guy dressed in this black vest, so nice and so happy that I’m there. And so I’m having a fresh bowl of guacamole and some fresh juice. And so this is like paradise, okay? For me, it doesn’t get better than guacamole on the beach, okay? Just period. I am in heaven. So I’m sitting there just laying back on the lounge chair, looking at the water, just listening and I couldn’t be more content than I was right then. So I’m just not forcing anything, not thinking of anything. And then that’s when it came to me, what I should do, what protocol I should take, all of the supplements I could leave off the table, the ones that I should take, what I should do, how I should proceed, in terms of working with the doctors and how to take charge of this process.

It came to me in an instant, right there. And that is because epiphanies do not happen in chaos. And that’s when I learned how to take charge of my life, take charge of the situation and I won. I beat cancer on my terms.

And if you’re trying to figure out how to take charge of your life and to release things so you can let those epiphanies just happen and all the good stuff just flows to you that easily, I would love to help you do just that.

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