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Mikasa 5271104 限定タイムセール ベルリン クリア 11.5オンス シャンパングラス 期間限定特価品

Mikasa 5271104 ベルリン シャンパングラス 11.5オンス クリア


Mikasa 5271104 ベルリン シャンパングラス 11.5オンス クリア

Mikasa 5271104 ベルリン シャンパングラス 11.5オンス クリア

The area around Prague, now known as the Czech Republic, has long been famous for its fine crystal drinking glasses. In fact, I once picked up a “small fortune” of these glasses when I was there in 1973. The Mikasa Berlin Champagne Glass lives up to that tradition of craftsmanship. I found it rather jarring to learn that these glasses made in the Czech Republic would be called “Berlin,” since the latter’s claim of the ownership of parts of the former once led us down the road to a rather major war. Oh well, in the spirit of letting bygones be bygones, the following are my wife’s thoughts about these glasses, as well as two good pictures:The exquisite, delicate Mikasa champagne glasses made in the Czech Republic hold 11.5 ounces. They are made in the Czech Republic. The design is very subtle, very elegant. The set of four glasses were packaged and packaged very well so that all arrived intact. I would highly recommended the champagne glasses to anyone who enjoys the taste of bubbly from a beautiful glass.Five stars.
These are beautiful champagne glasses -- much nicer than anything I have ever had. I splurged on new dinnerware and table linens for the holidays this year, and wanted some nice wine glasses, too. I had previously ordered both the red and white wine glasses in Mikasa's Berlin line and I decided to try these champagne glasses as well and round out my collection. At 11.5 ounces, these are fairly large and look very festive; I like the open bell shape better than the fluted options in some of the other lines. The subtle stripes are a nice accent and something a bit different. The crystal is very thin and light and feels quite delicate to me. I don't have any champagne on hand, but I did try these with water just to see how stable they were on the table. The base has a wide enough diameter that they don't tip over too easily. The product description states that they can be placed in the dishwasher, but I hand-washed these. I know crystal is supposed to be quite strong, but I don't want to take any chances on breaking one of the set. It seems as if we are always breaking something or other around here, so I intend to reserve these for holidays and special occasions. The champagne glasses are fairly large amp; actually take up quite a bit of room in a cupboard, so this might be something to consider before purchasing. I thought I could keep them in the box they arrived in, but it is also quite large and won't fit where I usually store infrequently used items. Just a note for those considering purchasing these as a gift -- the box the glasses arrived in was designed to protect them during shipment and might not be suitable for gift-giving. Each glass has a decal on the bottom -- mine were easy to remove and just peeled off. There is also an embossed Mikasa logo on the base which is not particularly prominent, but definitely noticeable. It is annoying to some, but doesn't really bother me very much.I am familiar with the quality of the Mikasa brand, and these beautifully designed champagne glasses live up to that reputation and seem worth the current price of $44.99 for a set of four.
These are fantastic glasses made of nice crystal. They have elegant lines etched into the glass, and the name Mikasa etched into the base. They look really fantastic.They hold more than enough beverage at 11.5 oz. That's almost a full can of whatever beverage you choose. They have a fairly large "bowl" area, giving them a big festive appearance. These match well with Mikasa's other 13.5 wine glasses I already have. Together they make a very nicely rounded set.I love the laser etched lines on the glass, they look fancy and give a little bit of grip when handling the glasses. They're very thin, as you would expect, but they come packaged super well. I had two big holes in the box, and not one broken glass inside.These are classy and elegant. They look fantastic, and function just as they should. They'll hold enough champagne to make any party great!