I’m so fed up with cancer.

I am so, not just angry, I’m hurt. I’m mad because I see too many people dying too soon. So many families being broken apart, losing their mothers, fathers, children. It angers me mostly because we’re not having the right conversations. We’re having conversations about the next chemo and radiation treatment, which may be better than the next. However, we’re not talking about the most potent thing that determines your body’s ability to heal from cancer and prevent cancer. That’s the food we put on our plate. Why aren’t we talking about that? It’s infuriating. We should be talking about the power of plant-based diets to prevent cancer in many cases and help heal.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, my gut instinct said, “There’s another way,” that the surgeries and any other radioactive treatment didn’t seem to get to the root cause of the problem.

So, I went on this quest to find that an alternative approach that I was told didn’t exist, but does exist. I met with every type of naturopathic doctor, holistic practitioner, traditional MDs, to find the answer. When I started searching, so much information about our plate’s power and what we put on it was there that it is evident that I needed to change my diet. Then once I got the diet changed, I went to step further and said, “There’s something else that could be missing.” It was my mindset. It was the power of thinking, the mind-body connection, the power of meditation, the power of visualization, and all those things together healed my cancer naturally.

When I was healed, I was like, “Why does no one else know about this? Why isn’t this being shouted from every mountain top?” People know because I found the information, I didn’t make it up. I found it, but we’re not talking about it. We’re talking about everything else except the thing that you have the most control over, what you put in your body every day, and the mental state you have when you get in a battle of having to heal cancer.

When I found it, I switched my career because I was like, “People need to know this information.” I have distilled that information that I got down to a course, that is an alternative approach to healing cancer because I wanted everybody to have access to this information and not be starting from ground zero-like I was and have to go through the frustration and the fear and just finding my way and trying like a hundred different supplements and different menu plans until I came up with the one that worked for me. I took all of that information and knowledge from all the experts, all the books that I read, and all the movies that I watched, all the people I consulted with. I have distilled it down into a course to give people a roadmap to this alternative way to treat cancer.

I’m Dr. Ruby Lathan, and this is my life’s mission to help people find that alternative way. You know there’s an alternative when your gut is screaming it to you like mine was. I invite you to take this course with me and let me walk you through it because this is what I would have liked when I was faced with the battle of my life. Fortunately, I found that alternative approach, and I won, and I want you to win too.

I Survived Thyroid Cancer! Let Me Teach You How!

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