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Thorne Research 5☆好評 リンゴ酸二カルシウム 120 ベジカプセル 2020 新作

Thorne Research, リンゴ酸二カルシウム、120 ベジカプセル


Thorne Research, リンゴ酸二カルシウム、120 ベジカプセル



Thorne Research, リンゴ酸二カルシウム、120 ベジカプセル

As someone who's not in their 30s anymore, my doctor recommended this particular calcium supplement as it's easier for the body to absorb and use than most other supplements. I don't do much dairy so this is a great way to supplement my diet.
I did quite a lot of research before purchasing this product. It is shown to be highly absorbable. I'm sure it is, however, that was not the case for me specifically. I inspect my stool (I know, gross..) and found pockets of dry white chalky substance while taking this. It also caused my stool color to change from brown to grey. Weird. I decided to dissolve it in water and drink it as a solution rather than swallowing capsules whole, but the powder just did not go into solution at all. The taste was also very sour. This leads me to believe that for someone with ibs, like me, it is probably irritating. Lots of things irritate my gut, like acid. It was certainly irritated at this time, but I can't identify this supplement as the specific cause. In any case, I am now using calcium citrate. It is mild in flavor (not acidic), is not visible in my stool (assume it disintegrates properly), and does not change stool color. At the end of the day, I am hoping to see a decrease in PTH as a result of supplementing with the citrate form of calcium, which it is shown to do. GNC calcium citrate was approved by consumer lab, has minimal additives, and is very inexpensive.
I read up on this type of calcium before purchasing. I was looking for something that was easy on the stomach but highly absorbable. This calcium formulation is supposed to fit the bill. I have taken many types of calcium because I have a strong calcium deficiency do to hypoparathyroidism. Unfortunately, taking this calcium has allowed my calcium levels to drop lower and lower, it does not seem to be absorbing into my body hardly at all. It was a waste of money.