After this epic rock climbing adventure, I had to jump on a plane. I had to get on a plane to do work.

Go rock climbing in the morning, shower, and jump on a plane, which is what I did. And I felt great. I was exhausted on the flight, so I just fell right asleep. Slept the whole way, got right in the bed as soon as I got to the destination, and just was on a roll. We had an early morning meeting, and I’m thinking,

 “Wow, this is awesome.”

I climbed the mountain and survived.

And the meeting is about maybe 90 minutes to two hours, and we’re sitting the whole time, and it wasn’t until I had to get up that I realized how much energy I had expended rock climbing the previous day. I could barely get up after sitting there for two hours. My legs felt like cement blocks. I’m trying not to show it because the people we’re meeting with our potential clients and I didn’t want to explain all of this. And I’m trying not to walk funny because my legs are killing me.

I was in so much pain, and I realized, “I guess I didn’t stretch after all of that rock climbing or take a nice Epsom salt bath or anything like that.” And I had to walk down with them, a whole flight of steps in heels, and my legs are like, ah, just frozen. I make it down there, and finally, we say goodbye to the clients and all that. And then I’m like, “OMG! I am in so much pain.” Lesson learned, stretch after you climb a mountain, take an Epsom salt bath, maybe a heating pad or something.

But I wore as a badge of honor of how badass I was 

The day before that, I climbed a mountain and then jumped on a plane, but I paid for it, so now I know there are limits to that. You got to add a little self-care after doing something strenuous, but it was quite funny to everyone there. And that night, I did rub-down the muscles and stretch it out to walk normally the next day. But it was one of those things that are just one of the badges of honor that I wear. And it was a hilarious moment there that I couldn’t believe how it hit after two hours. I was like, “It didn’t hit on the plane all the way there because my muscles are probably still freaking out, not knowing what happened, but after sitting for two hours in an air-conditioned room, boom cement legs.” If you ever go rock climbing, note to self, and stretch out well at the end.

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