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ショップ 5 送料無料でお届けします Fingers VHS

5 Fingers [VHS]


5 Fingers [VHS]

5 Fingers [VHS]

I saw this film when it first came out. I remembered that I had enjoyed it so decided to see how the years had treated it.Very well I have to say. It is a true story and tells of a butler at a British Embassy, who photographs secret papers from the safe and sells them to the Germans. He does it for personal gain, as he wants to go and live in luxury in South America. He is very successful and survives some scary moments, as when he is raiding the safe.It has some tense moments and some humerous times too. Recommended.
As a story it was interesting (although at the end of the film it would be un probable for the bank to find out that the money was fake). The direction was good and so was the photography and the lighting.This edition of Optimum Releasing made the DVD Player sometimes to pause (and consequently to freeze the image) and then I had to press the play button to resume the film. But this wasn' t a serious problem.
This film, starring James Mason, based on a true story, successfully blends suspense and tension with humour and a few delightful moments of revenge at the end. Excellent filming, much on location in Ankara. Skilfully directed by Joseph Mankiewicz and superbly filmed in black and white.I first saw it in a cinema in 1953 and had never forgotten it so, after a long, long interval, treated myself to the DVD in the hope that time would not have diminished by enjoyment after more than sixty years! I need not have worried - it rekindled all my enjoyment and it won't be sixty years before I watch it again.