Nocolliny 52インチ モダンシーリングファン LED DC 静音 モーター 在庫あり リモコン付き DC,静音,,モダンシーリングファン,/mineralize1535403.html,LED,ホーム&キッチン , 家電 , 照明,モーター,52インチ,20872円,Nocolliny,リモコン付き DC,静音,,モダンシーリングファン,/mineralize1535403.html,LED,ホーム&キッチン , 家電 , 照明,モーター,52インチ,20872円,Nocolliny,リモコン付き 20872円 Nocolliny 52インチ モダンシーリングファン LED 静音 DC モーター リモコン付き ホーム&キッチン 家電 照明 Nocolliny 52インチ モダンシーリングファン LED DC 静音 モーター 在庫あり リモコン付き 20872円 Nocolliny 52インチ モダンシーリングファン LED 静音 DC モーター リモコン付き ホーム&キッチン 家電 照明

Nocolliny 52インチ 定番の人気シリーズPOINT(ポイント)入荷 モダンシーリングファン LED DC 静音 モーター 在庫あり リモコン付き

Nocolliny 52インチ モダンシーリングファン LED 静音 DC モーター リモコン付き


Nocolliny 52インチ モダンシーリングファン LED 静音 DC モーター リモコン付き



Nocolliny 52インチ モダンシリーズ シーリングファン仕様


最大風量: 4800 CFM。

ライトの色: 4000K。

ルーメン: 1360-1460lm。


Nocolliny 52インチ モダンシーリングファン LED 静音 DC モーター リモコン付き

So touching it yes, it feels very plastic-ish. That said it looks great installed. Motor is super quiet and the light skews more towards the daylight hue. The buttons are a bit loud on the remote and I wish they would provide more clear instructions especially for those who want to operate the light and fan on separate switches. Also the receiver for the remote was a pain to fit on the Install. Sounds like a lot of complaining but it seems like a great fan for the money.
The motor was set in the base housing completely crooked. There was no way to adjust this as it was a part that came already sealed and put together. Because of this, the blades hit one side of the main housing and make an awful noise. We tried everything to fix it after hours of install trying to figure out why it was not straight. Finally took it back down and apart to realized the problem was something only the manufacturer could fix or have messed up.Complete waste. They are sending another in a few days so we will see if I can update this to a more positive review or not.Fan is a nice style but definitely cheap plastic and the light is AWFUL (similar to being in surgery maybe brightness and color wise).If the next one has any issues what so ever then I would definitely not recommend this product.
Do not buy this fan. The manufacture is not helpful at all. Apparently they have had the same type of issues with this fan in regards to noise and it shutting on and off randomly. Because I am out of the 30 days I do not get a refund and I am left with this awful fan. Honestly just spend an extra hundred dollars and get a better fan
I installed this fan in my home office. The blades are plastic but that makes the fan lighter and thus easier to install. Once it’s up on the ceiling, it looks great. I didn’t use the remote as I have separate smart switches for the lights and fan.Install was super easy. Install the base on the ceiling with two screws. Then connect your downrod to the fan. I connected the fan blades and light fixture before I put it up. Don’t forget to put the two metal covers (one for the ceiling and one for the top of the fan) on the rod before installation. Place the “ball” on the end of the downrod into the “socket” on bracket you just installed. This holds the fan while you connect the wires. Screw in the cover and you’re done.Lights are fairly bright and it puts out plenty of wind to keep me cool while working.If you need a longer downrod like I did, you need a 1/2” diameter (which is so weird, they measure 0.8” OD, but whatever). The 3/4” down rods at HD or Lowe’s do NOT work, too thick! Ordered mine here on Amazon.
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