vlog.drruby.academy,1085円,ダブルセーフティーキーロックボックス,TIGERKING,文房具・オフィス用品 , 事務用品 , 机上用品・文具収納,ホームオフィスに安全,-,3.7立方体,デジタルセキュリティ金庫,/mineralize10903.html,ホワイト TIGERKING デジタルセキュリティ金庫 ダブルセーフティーキーロックボックス ホームオフィスに安全 割引も実施中 ホワイト - 3.7立方体 1085円 TIGERKING デジタルセキュリティ金庫 ダブルセーフティーキーロックボックス ホームオフィスに安全 - 3.7立方体 ホワイト 文房具・オフィス用品 事務用品 机上用品・文具収納 TIGERKING デジタルセキュリティ金庫 ダブルセーフティーキーロックボックス ホームオフィスに安全 割引も実施中 ホワイト - 3.7立方体 1085円 TIGERKING デジタルセキュリティ金庫 ダブルセーフティーキーロックボックス ホームオフィスに安全 - 3.7立方体 ホワイト 文房具・オフィス用品 事務用品 机上用品・文具収納 vlog.drruby.academy,1085円,ダブルセーフティーキーロックボックス,TIGERKING,文房具・オフィス用品 , 事務用品 , 机上用品・文具収納,ホームオフィスに安全,-,3.7立方体,デジタルセキュリティ金庫,/mineralize10903.html,ホワイト

2020秋冬新作 TIGERKING デジタルセキュリティ金庫 ダブルセーフティーキーロックボックス ホームオフィスに安全 割引も実施中 ホワイト - 3.7立方体

TIGERKING デジタルセキュリティ金庫 ダブルセーフティーキーロックボックス ホームオフィスに安全 - 3.7立方体 ホワイト


TIGERKING デジタルセキュリティ金庫 ダブルセーフティーキーロックボックス ホームオフィスに安全 - 3.7立方体 ホワイト


サイズ:3.7 Cubic White

TIGERKING セキュリティ デジタル 大型金庫 自宅 オフィス ホテル用

ロック ボックス セーフは、関連文書、ジュエリー、現金、ハンドガン、その他の貴重品を保管するのに理想的です。 自宅、ホテル、オフィスでの使用に最適です。














安全ボックス x 1。

取扱説明書 (日本語ではない場合があります) x 1。

1 x 外部電源



TIGERKING は安全技術の改善に専念しています。 より安全で信頼性の高い製品を提供するために、材料、安全技術の研究と開発を続けています。 お客様の貴重品や交換されない持ち物を保護するために、お客様に最高のご提案をしたいだけです。プロフェッショナルで効率的、競争力があります。 TigerKingはお客様の最も賢い選択です。

TIGERKING デジタルセキュリティ金庫 ダブルセーフティーキーロックボックス ホームオフィスに安全 - 3.7立方体 ホワイト

I am almost congratulating myself for buying this personal safe for my home. But really I should congratulate the people who designed it. It is beautifully designed for ease of use and it is also attractive. I had it set up in a matter of minutes. In addition, I had some questions about it and emailed the company and they quickly responded with clear answers. The longer I have it the more uses I can find for it. This is truly peace of mind in a small package. Highly recommended! No home should be without this.
I've read a lot of reviews about this safe and many of them are just plain misunderstandings.1) Yes, the manual has some poor english grammar. Its not _terrible_, its understandable. It does require some careful reading to avoid misunderstandings.2) The screws provided work on either wood or concrete. You use the expansion tube for concrete, you omit it for wood. You will need to pre-drill the hole in the wood stud, and use the small screw retainer to allow the bolt to be screwed into the wall. This is explained in the manual, but I admit that it requires more careful study than it should to figure out what was being described.3) The electronics are not complex. Following the instructions allow you to change the code to enter the safe. There are two codes: A user code, and a master code. They are functionally identical, and you need only one code plus one key to open the safe. The codes can be 4 to 8 digits long. I would have liked that you needed both codes to enter the safe, but that's just me.4) The emergency key is used if the electronics either fail or you forget your code. You can use the master key and the emergency key to enter the safe without knowing the code.5) the small compartment in the safe has a third key distinct from the master and from the emergency key. Its not meant to be super-secure, but it is convenient in that it keeps small items contained.6) The light turns on automatically when you open the door. It does not stay on for very long however. IT is powered by the batteries that you install in the door.Suggestions for improvement:* Require two codes to open safe (user + password)* Have a small organizer with pockets attached to the inside of the safe door. Many safes have these and they are quite useful* I wish the shelf was a little sturdier. Its adequate for what it does. Its a little hard to remove and install because the safe door gets in the way.* Pre drilled holes in the floor would be nice to floor mount the safe.* Slightly better lighting. Perhaps it can stay on a little longerFor the price this is a very good safe for protecting goods that are not TOO valuable. Do keep in mind that even though it may protect from fire, some items would be melted by the fire (for example, if you keep gold coins in this thing and there's a fire, you're going to end up with gold slag). That's just physics.I'm happy with my purchase
I’m not a safe expert but have bought many homesafes throughout the years. Most are just total garbage, many are cheap units rebranded with such names as Honeywell or Brinks or similar they are just rubbish. This is a well constructed, good density safe and to my medium safe experience is in a different class than the rest. Electronics are really good and the unit is well constructed.Only just received it and installed today, but initial reaction is excellent, fast delivery well packaged, easy to set up and had it installed and working within 20 minutes . Will update review as time goes on.