/marbrinus10753.html,vlog.drruby.academy,Beistle,3515円,60237ぬいぐるみシャークハット,おもちゃ , パーティーグッズ , パーティー小物 絶品 Beistle 60237ぬいぐるみシャークハット /marbrinus10753.html,vlog.drruby.academy,Beistle,3515円,60237ぬいぐるみシャークハット,おもちゃ , パーティーグッズ , パーティー小物 3515円 Beistle 60237ぬいぐるみシャークハット おもちゃ パーティーグッズ パーティー小物 3515円 Beistle 60237ぬいぐるみシャークハット おもちゃ パーティーグッズ パーティー小物 絶品 Beistle 60237ぬいぐるみシャークハット

着後レビューで 送料無料 絶品 Beistle 60237ぬいぐるみシャークハット

Beistle 60237ぬいぐるみシャークハット


Beistle 60237ぬいぐるみシャークハット



Beistle 60237ぬいぐるみシャークハット。このグレーぬいぐるみサメは、大きな白い歯を有しています。あなたの頭の上にこの帽子を着用し、あなたがサメに食われているようにそれが見えます! この帽子はフリーサイズです。

Beistle 60237ぬいぐるみシャークハット

A little small but super fun!
Everything it says it is. Everything I expected when I bought it. Fun to wear at parties and for Halloween it is a great costume that you can be as creative and gory as you want with or just wear as it is and as UR for fun at football games and other events. Perfect for concerts to put on during any song that refers to the ocean or fish although I would recommend the lower profiled hats that is similar so you don't obstruct the people behind you for that. I love it when I get exactly what I expect from Amazon and this is another one of those purchases
caused me a major allergy attack...
Sure- the hat is cute in the picture. But be warned- the hat runs VERY small. My head is 22 1/2" in circumference and this hat is TIGHT! Almost seems like it was made for a child. But, hey- adults need comfortable shark hats too! The worst part is the tail- it doesn't stand up all perky like it is in the picture. It just flops over like a wilted flower. Lucky for me it is hollow, so I plan on stuffing it with some batting to make it stand at attention. This is part of my Sharknado costume this Halloween- just wish I'd gone with a different hat.

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