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Bond: Live Let Die [VHS]


Bond: Live Let Die [VHS]


Bond: Live amp; Let Die

Bond: Live Let Die [VHS]

This was Rogers first James Bond and I think he was the correct choice as he was well known to the British public in popular TV series such as the Saint. I enjoyed this 121 min REGION B/2 DVD with the highlight being the boat chase. Several British Agents are killed in a short space of time, during routine surveillance of dictator Dr Kananga (Yaphet Kotto). Bond is sent to New York to investigate and falls into a trap by gangster Mr Big thanks to his tarot card reader Solitaire (Jane Seymour)
Amazing transfer both in picture and 5.1 surround knocks you off your seat. brilliant Soundtrack and Roger Moore in , really the only 007 film he presented himself with some sort of serious nature, unlike all the others he did that were far to silly in my opinion, although did like Moonraker, as Drax was one of the better baddies, and the way he spoke was always charming, which made him one of my favourite baddies. Lois Chiles was very nice Eye candy too!:) "You know him"? "Not socially"," hes called Jaws, he kills people"!
Sean Connery finally said goodbye to Bond, the character that had made him famous, with `diamonds are forever'. So for Bond's eighth big screen outing we were introduced to Roger Moore (and his eyebrow) in the lead, the third actor to play the part on the silver screen.Known for his roles in Ivanhoe and The Saint, Moore was a good choice. He had the on screen presence and mannerisms to carry it off, but was no Connery clone His Bond was just different enough to Connery to stand out, and it is this attempt to be different that was the secret of his success in the role. Moore's Bond seemed a more human construct, slightly less remote and dangerous but still ruthless when it comes to getting the job done.In this film Bond is sent to America in order to sort out some drug smugglers. Along the way we have fun as we see the typical Englishman deal with the mean streets of Harlem, there is the excellently staged and thrilling bug boat chase through the Florida everglades, and the immortal stunt with the crocodiles. Into the mix there is a large dose of voodoo, and it sometimes seems that Bond's antagonists are not of this world. After the almost embarrassing attempt to be hip with the last film, the producers got it largely right this time, and largely because of the change of actor the humour and seventies fashions work a lot better.There are notable performances: Yaphett Koto as the villain - a very underrated actor Koto gave this role his all and made a memorable Mr. Big, and Jane Seymour as Solitaire, the voodoo priestess who finds the tarot cards stacked against her... There is also an excellent score featuring Wings, it is up there with any of Shirley Bassey's themes for the series and fits the mood and style of the film to a tee.It is a film which is full of atmosphere, entertaining in terms of thrills and humour and a great way to pass a couple of hours.Notable in the Bond canon that it is the second film not to feature Q, and Bond carries a Magnum rather than the usual Walther PPK.This ultimate edition really is the best version of the film I have owned. The picture has been lovingly restored and cleaned up, and looks amazing. Really, I am not just saying that. It looks superb. The sound has been similarly treated and there is an option to listen to it in 5.1 DTS surround, which is truly exceptional.As well as the superb presentation of the film, there is also a host of extras, original trailers, informative audio commentaries and the such. These are exhaustive and some of them quite interesting. But these really a garnish for the main course, which is the film itself. This is an excellent release, and does the film justice. This series of `Ultimate editions' really sets the standard for film releases. It really does not get any better.
This is actually quite a decent Bond flick. When this was made in 1973, Roger Moore was still young and handsome and made for an attractive new Bond after Connery's departure from the franchise. The story set in and around New Orleans and on a fictitious Caribbean island is intense and quite dark and the humour which has become a trademark of the Moore era is still rather restrained. While the irate Sheriff is huge fun, he does not distract from the spectacular speed boat chase. I personally really enjoyed the imaginative voodoo scenes, but for young or sensitive viewers these may be disturbing. Also worth mentioning is the theme song by Paul McCartney, one of the best in the entire series.One word of warning: This is very much a product of its time (the early 1970s) and if you're looking for political correctness, stay away from this film. It does feature instances of racism and blaxploitation. Then again, if you're big on political correctness, you should probably stay away from Bond altogether - the films, the books, the character.