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Contraband [VHS]


Contraband [VHS]



Michael Powell uses the inky darkness of the London blackout as the memorable setting for this romantic wartime espionage thriller. Conrad Veidt, the severe hawk-faced German actor best known for playing villains (including the evil vizier in the Powell-directed portions of The Thief of Bagdad), enjoys a rare heroic turn as the no-nonsense captain of a neutral Danish freighter pulled into a British port. When two of his passengers sneak off one night, he follows the headstrong Mrs. Sorensen (Valerie Hobson) in hopes of meeting up with her fellow truant. Instead he runs into a nest of Nazis: his delinquent passengers are in reality British spies, and he's caught in the web of intrigue. Clearly a wartime propaganda piece, this witty, fast-paced thriller concocted by Powell and screenwriter Emeric Pressburger makes the most of its nocturnal setting. The charming nightclub hopping turns into a kidnapping and a daring escape (the resourceful captain navigates his way through London by the stars), and concludes with a brawl that joins the Danes with a group of plucky Brits--Allies in action! Spiced with genial humor (provided by Claude Rains look-alike Hay Petrie, who plays the dual roles of the first mate, Skold, and his two-fisted restaurateur cousin) and a refreshingly mature angle on romantic sparring, this joins The Lady Vanishes"span" as one of the best and most elegant of the British wartime thrillers. --Sean Axmaker

Contraband [VHS]

PLOT: NAZI IN BLACKOUT LONDON~Conrad Veidt is the neutral Danish captain stopped in England for inspection. He has two passengers take HIS pass and leave the ship. He soon chases Valarie Hobson down with clues from a Newspaper.... but they both end up kidnapped by a Nazi spy ring. Hobson is a English spy and Veidt is her unwilling accomplice. We see the blackout in London and how it aids the Nazis. The duo are held captive and tied up in the basement of a nightclub. Complete with a spy window to keep and "eye" on them. Veidt makes his very clever escape to get help. He soon returns with some Danish help to root out the spies and rescue Hobson. Veidt is both likeable and fun as the captain who thinks women are nothing but trouble. Hobson is lovely and smart as the clever lady spy who never has a hair out of place even when tied up LOL
The 'old brands' are dead, so the newspapers say. Owners of copyrights of The Three Stooges are desperately trying to get young people interested in them again, the Looney Tunes gang are being tricked out in hip-hop clothes (ick ick ick) to try to interest todays kids.....well, Conrad Veidt needs no such crutches. True, the movie is in black and white which means today's youth won't watch it...til they grow a little older and learn that blacker is better (sort of like Gene Wilder and his Young Frankenstein.) It's WWII and Veidt, a German actor, here plays a Danish ship captain (have to explain his accent) whose ship is halted overnight by customs on a through voyage. A passenger (Valerie Hobson) jumps ship and Captain Andersen (Veidt) is determined to get her back at all costs. They arrive via train in London in the middle of a blackout (one of the film's original titles) and Hobson proceeds to lead Veidt on a merry chase. An excellent screen duo, if you like this movie you absolutely must get their first pairing, The Spy In Black. That one will have you in tears at the ending!
This is an entertaining period film; its best feature is its star, Conrad Veidt. As usual, Mr. Veidt is worth watching every second he’s in frame. He is (as he often was) better than the script he had to work with. Valerie Hobson keeps up with him, and they are excellent together, but Conny is the one to see. Such a shame he died so young.
Conrad Veidt and Valerie Hobson were the stars of their day and had real chemistry. They were an unlikely pairing, but it worked beautifully. This is a terrific, slightly tongue-in-cheek, film which wears its years lightly. Highly recommended.
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