Gardner Bender 本物◆ fsp-blacktcスパイラルラップ3 ½ ' ブラック,2646円,Bender,DIY・工具・ガーデン , 電設 , ケーブルアクセサリ,/chaplainry1658877.html,fsp-blacktcスパイラルラップ3 ½,Gardner,'。、ブラック Gardner Bender 本物◆ fsp-blacktcスパイラルラップ3 ½ ' ブラック 2646円 Gardner Bender fsp-blacktcスパイラルラップ3 ½ '。、ブラック DIY・工具・ガーデン 電設 ケーブルアクセサリ,2646円,Bender,DIY・工具・ガーデン , 電設 , ケーブルアクセサリ,/chaplainry1658877.html,fsp-blacktcスパイラルラップ3 ½,Gardner,'。、ブラック 2646円 Gardner Bender fsp-blacktcスパイラルラップ3 ½ '。、ブラック DIY・工具・ガーデン 電設 ケーブルアクセサリ

Gardner ファッション通販 Bender 本物 fsp-blacktcスパイラルラップ3 ½ ' ブラック

Gardner Bender fsp-blacktcスパイラルラップ3 ½ '。、ブラック


Gardner Bender fsp-blacktcスパイラルラップ3 ½ '。、ブラック

Gardner Bender fsp-blacktcスパイラルラップ3 ½ '。、ブラック

I am probably using this for reasons other than most people. We adopted two kittens and they both like to chew on electrical cords! (They chewed through two iPhone cords and a Bose sound system cord prior to me wrapping all cords in the house!) The spiral wrap works very well to keep them from chewing cords.
I own a rabbit and I use this to protect my cables, so there is no chance of her getting electrocuted, or hurting herself. We have been using it for about 5 months and never had an incident. She doesn't really seem inclined to bite through that, which I believe is a good sign. I can recommend it for anyone that would want to use it for the same purpose.
Easiest installation ever. So many companies sell 'slit tube' version. They never seem to stay closed. This coil wrap is the only way to fly!

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