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海外輸入 Waterloo 新商品 Tennessee

Waterloo Tennessee


Waterloo Tennessee



After switching to big-name British producer John Paul Jones (of Led Zeppelin fame; he also contributes some instrumental support), this female stringband quartet continues to go wider and deeper in its exploration of acoustic Americana. On their sophomore release, Uncle Earl's balance contributes to their range. Each of the four is a virtuosic musician, all contributing vocals that blend into the buoyant harmonies of "One True," the a cappella shape-note spiritual "Buonaparte," and the field hymn "Easy in the Early ('Til Sundown)." While uptempo fare spotlights the sprightly fiddle of Rayna Gellert, banjoist Abigail Washburn sings a stark meditation on mortality in the revival of Ola Belle Red's "My Epitaph," with guitarist Kristin Andreassen illuminating the vocal purity of A.C. Carter's "The Birds Were Singing of You." As for percussion, Gillian Welch provides guest drums on "The Last Goodbye," and Andreassen's clogging serves as a rhythm track behind Gellert's fiddle on "Sisters of the Road." --Don McLeese

Product Description

Waterloo, Tennessee laces raucous fiddle tunes and jug band blues with ballads of loss and exile, affectionate love songs, and a profound longing that can only by echoed in the strain of fiddles, banjos, mandolins, and tender harmonies.

Waterloo Tennessee

I always thought there were only 2 good things to come out of the USA - their music and cigarettes. Having given up smoking some years ago the music on this CD is just outstanding. After all the marketing crap about reality music shows trying to create interest in people who don't know how to spell 'talent' let alone demonstrate it - the ladies in this band are really something very special - musical ability, individual voices, harmonies - synergy?By sheer chance I heard 'Take These Chains' (a track from an earlier album) which I thought was so refeshingly different I bought their previous 2 albums. I'm not gonna even try and analyse their music - folk?, country?, bluegrass? - it doesn't matter! This music is real - it really 'rocks' and can also move you to tears.If you have blood in your veins, have a pulse, and enjoy genuine music - you must buy this album - you'll love it !!
Well.I had no knowledge of 'Uncle Earl' before acquiring 'waterloo, tennessee' and I'm extremely delighted to have made their acquaintance. I chose this album because it was produced by John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin's bass and keyboard player. Jones has, in recent years, become a stalwart of the acoustic folk scene (this is a good thing - think Led Zeppelin 3) so his involvement indicated some quality. And so? Well, this album is stunningly good. The quality of the performances is beyond criticism and haunting. The music is advanced and evolved bluegrass. It relies on traditional acoustic instruments and close harmony vocals but it shines like a light and leaves the listener astounded and happy. If you've heard the Cowboy Junkies album 'Trinity Session' then that's the kind of quality we're getting here but in a broader way. The vocals are spot on, not overly sweet, just right and the songs are lovely. Some cheerful, some not, all lovely. This is an album to drink wine with friends and relax to for sure.I'm listening to the album as I type this and I'm having trouble typing because my foot is tapping and my shoulders swaying. In conclusion: if you like American acoustic music then certainly buy this. If you like folk, buy this. If you like something clever and well made - BUY THIS!My current favourite album by far.
While nothing new or inspiring Uncle Earl are an imaginative, fun country group that can be relied upon to produce some foot stomping, laid back songs. Their latest is in slightly-less-commercial Dixie Chicks territory with a good mix of the sombre, the quirky and the ho down.However Waterloo, Tennessee's biggest downfall is their lack of anything fresh. You can't help but feel you've heard it all before, and done better. While there's nothing wrong with any of the songs (apart from the infinitely skip-able, "Streak O' Lean") there's also no track that stands out for me. In fact the only one that did was 'Wallflower', and it's a cover.Although your unlikely to hate this album, your also unlikely to adore it. It's fun, has it's moments, and is a nice listen, but it's also a bit samey and after your first few listens, a bit stale.
Uncle Earl's musical styles range from thoughtful simple tunes, ("My Little Carpenter"), to spiritual calls with open Asian harmonies, ("My Epitaph"), to powerful shape note a cappella singing ("Buonaparte"), each presented with equal skill and apparent enjoyment.The Earls are Kristen Andreassen on guitar, fiddle, feet, and banjo ukulele, Rayna Gellert on fiddle, KC Groves on mandolin, guitar, and mandola, and Abigail Washburn on banjo. All contribute to the vocals. Each musician brings her own styles and experiences to the recording, both in song choice and execution. A changing array of lead vocalists with diverse vocal styles keeps the sound fresh and aurally engaging. As a whole, the harmonies are deep, rich, and lovely.Abigail Washburn's soulful voice is highlighted in the lovely song, "The Last Goodbye," while "Drinker Born" highlights Rayna Gellert's thoughtful fiddling and vocals. "Wish I Had My Time Again," a song inspired by a man who served eleven years in prison before being proved innocent, reflects the raucous energy of musicians who sound as if they are having a blast playing together.The transition from the exhilarating a cappella shape note harmonies of "Buonaparte" to the festive, instrumentally driven "Bony on the Isle of St. Helena" give two very different takes on a similar subject, each a considerable blessing to listen to. This is simply a great album, worth listening to over and over.



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