Craftsman 新作入荷!! Bolt-out 5 Piece Damaged Bolt 並行輸入品 Set Nut by Remover Craftsman 新作入荷!! Bolt-out 5 Piece Damaged Bolt 並行輸入品 Set Nut by Remover Craftsman,車&バイク , ヘルメットパーツ・アクセサリ , バイザー,5,Bolt-out,/auscultation174381.html,by,Craftsman,Bolt/Nut,[並行輸入品],Piece,,11967円,Remover,Damaged,Set 11967円 Craftsman Bolt-out 5 Piece Damaged Bolt/Nut Remover Set by Craftsman [並行輸入品] 車&バイク ヘルメットパーツ・アクセサリ バイザー Craftsman,車&バイク , ヘルメットパーツ・アクセサリ , バイザー,5,Bolt-out,/auscultation174381.html,by,Craftsman,Bolt/Nut,[並行輸入品],Piece,,11967円,Remover,Damaged,Set 11967円 Craftsman Bolt-out 5 Piece Damaged Bolt/Nut Remover Set by Craftsman [並行輸入品] 車&バイク ヘルメットパーツ・アクセサリ バイザー

Craftsman 新作入荷 Bolt-out 5 <セール&特集> Piece Damaged Bolt 並行輸入品 Set Nut by Remover

Craftsman Bolt-out 5 Piece Damaged Bolt/Nut Remover Set by Craftsman [並行輸入品]


Craftsman Bolt-out 5 Piece Damaged Bolt/Nut Remover Set by Craftsman [並行輸入品]


Includes: #8 (14mm amp; 9/16-inch), #9 (15mm), #10 (16mm amp; 5/8-inch), #11 (17mm amp; 11/16-inch) and #13 (19mm amp; 3/4-inch);Equipped to take on a larger range of bolts in engines, furnaces and appliances,;It features both テつス inch drive and hex external drives, get the right grip for optimum torque.;Machined with precision from hardened steel, and built to last.;Black oxide coating prevents corrosion while the blow molded Case keeps it organized

Craftsman Bolt-out 5 Piece Damaged Bolt/Nut Remover Set by Craftsman [並行輸入品]

Happy with this special tool set. No one I knew or local shops had it. Situation: My wife’s van had the lug nut from hell. For some reason some wheels have lug luts with caps on them like my wife’s 2013 Chrysler Town and Country. Horrible idea in cold weather areas like where I live in Alaska. Underneath the cap, the nut rusts and causes this cap to swell. When I tried to do a simple tire rotation, I could not get one lug off because the lug cap was completely rounded and so was the nut underneath. This tool with a breaker bar and 3 lb hammer did the trick when ALL else failed. Prior to puchasing this product, I tried PB blaster, several smaller sized sockets, torch, chisel and I could not get it off. The lug nut was chewed up badly as you can see in the pic. The original lug bolt size was 19 mm, I had to use the 16 mm bolt extractor to get it out. Worked like a charm!
It took me six weeks to change my oil. The last time I had someone change my oil for me, they forgot the washer on the oil plug, so they torqued the bejeezus out of the plug to prevent oil loss (that doesn't work, by the way). The plug was made of a really soft metal, like lead in terms of malleability. There I was, under my Buick, inadvertently stripping the hell out of my oil plug. For weeks I researched and tried everything: a pipe wrench, filing it down to fit a smaller socket, vice grips, just short of drilling through it. I just kept getting more and more frustrated. I found this set on Amazon and when I got it, I put the counter-spun bolt-out on that bolt, put a wrench on it (there wasn't enough room for my socket wrench), and had to kick the wrench before the bolt would give, but give it did! I had that stripped down bolt out in seconds.This set is simply awesome. I'll admit, my frustration level and the relief provided from this probably amplifies my positivity for this review. I give it as gifts to anyone who might have a use for it. It's come in handy so many times doing household and automotive repairs, demolitions, or removing stripped out bolts recreationally. Someone you know needs a stubborn bolt removed? You can get a free lunch out of it if you play your cards right. If you work with bolts, you need this. It is not for stripped screws, there's other products for that and frankly I find a rubber band useful in those situations. This more for lag bolts and such.
This is a well-designed set, and accomplished something that I thought impossible.We had a flat tire -- but the last grease-monkey who worked on our car, over-tightened the lug nut and it would not come off. I tried a number of other sockets, and this one did the trick.I think the photo pretty much says it all.(FWIW: I heated the lug nut with a MAP gas torch for about 15 seconds prior to pounding this socket on. )
Got stuck replacing rotors and pads on my car when I came across severely rounded bolt heads on the caliper mounting bracket. Went to the auto parts store and the metric set of irwin's didn't have the 15mm socket i needed. I decided to buy an off brand tool for rounded bolts that had a ratchet wrench type of design. Needless to say they were garbage. After returning the useless tool, I jumped on line and came across these. The reviews were mostly positive so i decided to try them out seeing as this was my last hope before having to take my car in to have the bolts removed. These things worked great. Couldn't have asked for a better product. I will say it is imperative that the socket be fully seated and straight on the head of the bolt before trying to break them loose. If it is on crooked when wrenching it will only round the head further. I used a brass hammer to tap the socket on the bolt. I'm happy to add this tool set to my inventory.

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